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Posted 06/11/21


The retirement sale continues!


Check your patterns! Is there something you want to make and need the supplies?

Special yarns you have been wanting?

Fabrics and rulers for special patterns?

Backings for quilt tops? We have wide backings!

Check your Tools Do you need to replace your rotary cutter mat? Need extra blades, new scissors, new pins to replace the bent ones, extra sewing machine needles? It is a great time to replace chipped rulers.

Notions always need to be replenished. While on sale, pick up extra threads, Wonder Clips, marking tools, glue sticks, magnetic pin cushions, quilting stencils, quilt hoops, thimbles basting spray, Best Press and so much more!

retirement sale

Have you been ready to knit or crochet a project and found you didn't have the correct needle sizes or crochet hooks? Complete your sets now so that won't happen again. The special notions for knitting and crocheting will end so many frustrations like counting rows and picking up dropped stitches

It is impossible to list everything! Take an inventory, make a list we'll see you soon!


Check your purses, pockets and drawers. If you have Village Fabrics & Crafts gifts certificates, be sure to bring them in on your next visit to redeem them. Time is running out!

Village Fabrics & Crafts of Paradise Michigan Owners Retire

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Open Wednesday thru Sunday from 10-4
Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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Posted 06/12/21


Nature is very busy. There is something to hear and see at every turn. Our lilac bush is in full bloom and smells just heavenly. This afternoon it was full of all kinds of butterflies including monarchs and swallowtails and even a hummingbird moth. It was very still and quiet. There were so many butterflies flying around that I could actually hear the flutter of their wings. I could have watched them for hours! Ah, more time for that when I retire!

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Posted 05/27/21

Wild Blueberries During a short walk the other morning, I noticed the earliest of the wild blueberries are in bloom. We are hoping for some much needed rain to keep them growing!

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W E L C O M E !

Our inventory continually changes! Visiting Village Fabrics & Crafts in Paradise, Michigan is an exciting experience for people of all ages and interests. Those who enjoy quilting and other needle arts will find an extensive selection of books, patterns, fabrics, yarns and supplies on a wide variety of subjects with an emphasis on the special attractions of the area including animal wildlife, birds, blueberries and lighthouses.

We are just 10 minutes from Tahquamenon Falls, Whitefish Point, the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Point Bird Observatory and numerous campgrounds.

Paradise is the Wild Blueberry Capital of Michigan and a year round recreation area. From snowmobiling, cross country skiing and snow shoeing to camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, birdwatching, enjoying the wildflowers and the forests; enjoy nature's beauty at its best.

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