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Village Fabrics & Crafts in Paradise, Michigan is now closed.

Our deepest heartfelt thank you to all of you wonderful customers that have made the past 35 years possible. You have been supportive and loyal thru the business challenges of recessions, road constructions, state park closures and most recently the closings and restrictions due to Covid to name just a few. No matter what the challenges you have always been there for us and we can't tell you how truly grateful we are.

You are more than customers to us, you are treasured friends. Your hugs, whether filled with laughter or tears have carried us thru family celebrations, health issues and losses. These memories will remain in our hearts forever.

We love the Paradise area and will continue to make this our home. Our paths may cross with your future visits to the area.

Take care and be sure to take time to smell the flowers, chase the rainbows and enjoy the simple pleasures of life and most of all HAPPY STITCHING!

All our best to everyone and again many thanks!

Chuck and Vick

A Few Pictures, Enjoy

Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Lake Superior

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